09 Aug 2022


Moving home can take its toll, and there’s so many things to think about along the way. Arguably the best bit is when you can focus on the accessories, and the finishing touches that really make it feel like it’s your home. Though no home interior is ever truly ‘finished’, we’ve pulled together a few interior design tips to get you started in your new apartment.

Add A Mirror

Mirrors are a well loved decorating tool for a number of reasons - they can maximise light, make rooms look bigger, and add an interesting or unique touch to a room. Consider adding a mirror above a fireplace, in the entrance, or even above a doorway to create a window like effect.

Large Throw Cushions

Along with mirrors, throw cushions are a familiar favourite in bringing together a room. They’re a really easy way to add colour, patterns and textures to your space. Larger throw cushions that look so comfy you want to sink into them add a height of luxury and comfort that not many other finishing touches can add. The best thing about throw cushions is they are super easy to swap and change at the drop of a hat, so if you want to change the feel of your apartment to the season, you can!

Small Unique Rugs

If you’re looking for a quirkier touch to your apartment, swapping a regular runner rug with a collection of smaller unique rugs creates something that is entirely you. It also becomes the statement piece of the room, in a part that would otherwise be overlooked. Similar to throw cushions, it then becomes a lot easier (and cheaper) to swap and change rugs out when you want to update the style.

Add Some Life

Plants are amazing for adding accent pieces, but also come with a number of other benefits. Not only do they help reduce stress and anxiety, they can also help you sleep better, increase your productivity and help fight colds and allergies. When decorating, consider your space and your other decor. If you are looking at a minimalist design, but want a statement piece, a large plant can have the impact without overcrowding the room.

Repeat Patterns

Repeating patterns will help build a cohesive feel throughout your apartment, and can be done subtly if you’re not feeling a big, bold statement. For example, using stripes on your throw cushions, and then stripes on a plant pot in another room, or using matching materials, such as wood. Start small and work up as you build your finishing touches.

Ultimately there is no exact guide on how to decorate your place, as it is your place! Keen cyclist? Add a bike rack to the wall to make a real show piece of your pride and joy. Caught the travel bug? Frame a map with your adventures marked on, or use a globe as an accent piece (and useful planning accessory). Live your life by a soundtrack and can always be found at a gig? Make a collage of your gig tickets for the wall, or invest in some cool storage for your vinyls. There is no right or wrong answer, and half the fun is in taking the time to turn a blank canvas into your own space.

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